Saturday, December 5, 2015

Allietare Mystery - Clue 2

I'm linking up in week two in the Allietare Mystery by Bonnie Hunter. See the project unfold at her blog. Clue 1 went very well so I'm on schedule!

Everyone does things differently when it comes to projects like this. I found I am better at breaking steps down into little chunks and spreading them out a bit. Here's how I handled clue two.

Downloaded and read the clue so I had an idea of what we would be making. 
Went through my stash for the colors I wanted to use. I really want to bust my fabric stash and not buy new yardage. So far, so good!

Decided on these fabrics. Set up the "tools of the trade" as well.

Got a little distracted....Look at what I found when I was going through my stash. A Christmas Storm at Sea that I made a while back! It needs finishing!
I pulled out a big piece of red checkered backing fabric that I came across in my hunt for clue two red. I love this pattern's illusion of movement. I'm motivated to finish quilting it!

Saturday morning:
Ironed the fabric. Made the first cuts.

My handsome guy loves posing for the camera. <3

Later in the day, I did the final cuts...
And got all the pieces ready for sewing!

Woke up pretty early and started thinking about the mystery. Brewed up some caramel coffee and sewed the units together. 
My nail polish matches the red! How fun!

10:30 - time to go to church! Our breath was taken away when we saw the lobby!
T'is the season! 

While my soup was simmering, I trimmed all the sets to size. 
The Rockettes were the entertainment of choice! 

Clue two is done! Into the mystery box they go! All set for next week. 
Now I have time to make more of my shirred ornaments this week! How are you doing with the mystery? Are you busting your stash or using new fabric?


Feathers in my Nest said...

I Love your Sweet Baby! So Darling.
pretty fabrics too.

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Very nice units for Clue #2, love the reds. Such a beautiful little helper you have.

Vireya said...

The Christmas "storm at sea" makes a lovely table-topper.

Your mystery is looking very organised!

Andee said...

Clue is looking good and love the Storm at Sea!