Friday, June 20, 2008

Legal Lingo

If you take the time and actually read the wording on your deed, you might find some long, funny sounding words in there. Not exactly ones that we use on a regular basis. I will attempt to shed some light on what they mean....

Appurtenances - Something that belongs to or is attached to something else (i.e. a garden is an appurtenance to the land it is planted on)

Tenements - Property (usually land) held, holding of land; A house or building used as a residence

Hereditaments - Any property (including real property/land) that can be inherited or passed by intestatcy

Improvements - An addition to real property, permanant or not, that increases its value or enhances its appearance

These terms may or may not be on your deed, but if they are, at least you can know what they are referring to. Lawyers . . . gotta love 'em!

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