Friday, June 27, 2008

To mow or not to mow . . .

. . .the never ending question when I get home from work. One rule that we have at the Baim estate is to not mow the lawn over the weekend if at all possible. My reasoning behind this philosophy is that mowing is a job. It is a chore. It is noisy, and it is not something that should be done on days of peace and relaxation, i.e. the weekend. Unfortunately most of my neighbors do not embrace that same philosophy. ***sigh***

The other day, I came home and looked over the lawn. Has it rained? Is it wet? Too wet to cut? My data weighed more towards mowing than not so I got Sparkie and we started the dreaded preliminary chore of picking up sticks. Because of the many wind and rain storms we had, there were more sticks to gather up than usual. Figures. Sparkie ate grass, jumped around in the leaf pile, tried to find the rabbit that lives in the yard, chased the sticks that I threw aside, selected the choicest ones and chewed them up into bits. Yup, that helped me out alot.

Whent he sticks were gone and the mower was gassed up, I got Sparkie back to the safety of the house, fired up the big, bad, loud rider and went at it. The front lawn only takes about 10 minutes to cut since it is pretty small. After I was about half done up there, I saw some ominous looking clouds above and started to feel raindrops. "Ha! I am tougher than this light sprinkle of rain!" I said to myself and kept mowing.

On to the back yard. A much bigger space. I threw the mower up a gear so I could speed it up a bit. Then, the drops got a little bit bigger. "This isn't going to stop me!" I muttered, reminiscent of Charlie Brown getting rained out of the baseball game and being stranded by his teammates. The mower started to pool little drops on the engine cover and my clothes started to get damp. One thing I don't like is getting wet. I just don't like it. I want to be dry or I want to be soaked. That damp feeling is just so annoying. But the final goal of a neatly manicured lawn was the higher purpose so I continued until it was done.

I like to mow the lawn. Getting to drive the mower, seeing that green velvety finish, smelling that cut grass scent - it's a satisfying task. I am not sure who will do this task when we have fallen off the face of the earth over the next 9 days. Hmmmm

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