Thursday, June 19, 2008

A lot going on and creative energy

I am not sure what happened but after Mother's Day came, it seemed like everything exploded into action.
I don't mind being busy. I don't mind having alot going on. I do need some days where I can come home from work and not have to go back out to "take care of things".
It doesn't help that I decided to redecorate my living room which compounded into moving the stuff from the back room to other areas of the house. My basement has become a catch all but at least the main floor of the house looks great.
One thing that can either thrive or suffer when times are busy is creativity. For me, the creative juices flow when the goal to be achieved was initially envisioned by me. Perhaps I don't see the entire goal in perfect focus, but watching the development of it approaching completion is part of the creative fun.
So during the busy times and during the slower moments, I can step outside of the moment and enjoy what is happening. Peace!

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