Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rain storms and my lawn

I am starting to have a little trouble remembering what day the last time I mowed my lawn was. There has been plenty of rain coming each and every day which means when I get home from work, the grass is too wet to cut. I see lots of growth in the grass, especially since I did my weeding and feeding a while back. Unfortunately, the weed and feed didn't do too much to my weed issue, except for keeping the dandelions at bay. I still have many non-grass things growing quite happily throughout my yard.

There is a funny side to this - Sparkie isn't too interested in walking on the wet grass. Probably because his legs are so short and the blades are tall enough to poke him in the gut. He changes his interest quickly, however, when he gets sight of a bird, chipmunk, squirrel or rabbit about. They are all intruders as far as he's concerned, and they are perfect creatures to run after as fast as he can. Of course, he never catches up to any of them. Sometimes I see him darting off one way and them darting off the other way which reminds me of a Warner Bros cartoon and is so funny because a good hunter Sparkie is obviously not! Wow, no pun intended but that was a rabbit trail. Back to topic.

Yes, I will make my way home tonight, bend over to look closely at the grass and hope that it is dry enough to cut. And if it is, I will walk the property, pick up all the nasty branches that have fallen from the wind and rain storms, fire up our big, bad, loud riding lawn mower, and go to town.

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