Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fashion fun

A few weeks ago, I was realizing that I lost some weight and my pants were not fitting right anymore. It was going to happen. I had to go clothes shopping. Spring is a great time to revamp a wardrobe.

Clothes shopping hasn't been the most enjoyable experience for me over the years. I go to the stores and pick out stuff that catches my eye. Finding things I like isn't the hard part. It's finding something that fits or looks right on me that drives me nuts.

Have you ever watched the show "What Not To Wear"? I have watched it many times and I think some of what they have to say has begun to sink in. There really are clothes out there for everyone, you just have to know what to choose that is right for you.

The day came where I decided to start looking. My plan was that I would go to all sorts of stores...and I did...and still am... Fortunately, the first place I went gave me four pairs of pants that I really like. Hooray! The fashion journey has begun.

Isn't it cool when you kind of stumble across something that gives you focus and direction? This totally happened to me, of all places, in a garage waiting room while I was getting my tire plugged. A magazine had a 6-page article about how to dress up your regular look to a designer one. Needless to say, I ripped the pages out of the magazine and stuffed them in my purse for future reference! Believe me, it isn't that hard to do when you know what to do.

So, I still have a few minor things to find... like a tan blazer, some colorful neck scarves, a flesh colored pair of awesome looking shoes. Besides minor stuff like that, I have a working wardrobe that is making me feel good about how I look.

Where can you start? 1) Empty everything out of your closet. 2) Toss the unusable & give away the unused. Keep what you will actually wear - not what you might wear someday if you loose weight or if it comes back in style. 3) Get a plan as to what you want to wear. Check out styles first, look at magazines for looks that you like. Then start to shop to build on your fashion plan. 4) When you bring home something new, get rid of something old in your closet. That will control how much you accummulate. 5) Have some fashion fun!

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