Friday, May 22, 2009

Flip-flop flop

I haven't worn flip-flops in a really long time. I think they don't really dress the feet up enough and only look just right when you are hanging out at the beach or are headed for the pool.

As I have been bringing my wardrobe into the 21st century, I look at various resources for inspiration and ideas. It might come from a display at the store, or pictures in a magazine, or fashion web sites (I currently have 2 that I like to look at). The infamous flip-flop is being worn everywhere at every level of dress.

I finally decided to get a pair and chose the ones you see here. They were under $10 (great price) and I liked the cork (thought they'd help keep sweating down) and the cut out detail (makes them look feminine) and the fact that they were black. Well, if you ever take any advice from me about anything, take this: do not get the ones with the cut out detail. They are not sole friendly. You can feel all of the holes under your feet and that is a flop, in my humble opinion. Also, the two tone thing was a bad idea. Let's just say, your black outfit better have brown in it for them to look right.

So, of all the things I got, this is my biggest let down. But I will still wear them at a place where I don't have to walk around alot. Afterall, they are still shoes and I love options when it comes to shoes! Got any wardrobe let down stories?

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