Thursday, May 28, 2009


Since our economy has imploded on itself and people aren't so confindent in their financial future, there are some things that revive, or even surge, through such times. I heard about a few of them yesterday and found it interesting. Here's the trends right now.

Thrift store shopping - Going to your local 2nd hand shop for clothing or home goods is on the surge. This is not a stranger to me. I love going to them. When you can find that pair of pants that fit perfectly and they still have the tags attached and they are a fraction of their original cost - that is a good feeling.

Going to the movies - This one is a bit of a mystery to me. I am pretty picky about going to see a movie when it comes out. I am not interested in paying to watch murder, deception, hypocrisy and infidelity for two or more hours. However, the theaters are coming out with some half way decent shows this summer. A reviving of going to the movies? Maybe that is because there is a reviving of movies worth seeing.

Hamburger Helper - What better way to stretch the dinner dollar than to get a box of this stuff. It started on the market in the 70's during those lean times. It is appealing since it is a fast way to make dinner. We have tried almost all the "helpers". Not being a fan of hot tuna fish, that variety was out for me. Ham, hamburger, chicken, tried them all. Now that we are on the GF mode, this is no longer an option in our house. Although, I can see where it would be revived right now.

Chocolate consumption - Some things never go out of the trend placement and this one doesn't surprise me at all. Eating chocolate gives you a good feeling. It is a pleasure. Nothing compares to it. Oh, and dark chocolate is the best. I don't even bother with white or milk anymore. My goodness, just talking about it makes me want to eat a piece.

So what trend are you relating to these days?

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