Monday, May 25, 2009

Smacking snack

Food has so much variety. God really knew what He was doing when He was busy creating it for us (Genesis 1). We have crunchy to soft, sweet to bitter, creamy to whatever the opposite of creamy is. Foods can go from au natural to cooked beyond recognition. To some, food is an adventure! To others, it is a means of connecting with others. There are people making quite a good living eating the unheard of. I wonder who was the first to experiment with hot peppers?

I like hot stuff. Spicy is interesting! It wakes up your mouth. And when you get to the realm of hot that this product goes
you are just begging for a smack.

I don't know if you can read it or not but that jar says Habanero Salsa. Hot. And it isn't kidding when it is described as hot. There are some salsas out there that have disclaimers attached to them for their rediculously high Scoville levels, but I don't want that much of a smacking. Stores don't carry many, if any, hot salsas. Mild and medium don't do much except give some flavor. There are uses for them, for sure. But by no means can I say that they are chip and salsa worthy. You used to be able to buy this stuff at Hannaford, but they stopped stocking it. Then I found a jar at Sorrentino's, and never saw it there again. Then, a few days ago, I saw the whole line up of Mrs. Renfro's at Walmart. Score! You are so going into my shopping cart!

Last night, I pulled out the infamous jar and the bag of chips. I also grabbed some sliced swiss cheese. Parked myself on the couch and opened the jar. *Puht* The aroma of tomato and pepper rise into the air. OK - put it down carefully, like it's the alien blood that will melt through anything it touches... open the chips and take the first bite. Not so bad. Another. Yup, it's got some heat but is bearable. Another. Another. Another. Now I'm feeling it. 5 more. Oh man, it's starting to numb my tongue. 2 more. Ahhh! My nose is pouring! Where's the tissue box?!?!? My mouth is burning! Close the lid! I spilled a drop on my shirt... agh! Oh... Ah... My mouth is on fire! Give me some cheese! More cheese!!!

Now THAT is what I call salsa. Good times. I'll have to have some more later. Try it, if you want to be smacked!

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