Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Vacation goodness

We are officially half way through our vacation. It has been a fabulous five days so far! Traditionally, we have not been travelers when we have a week off from work. I don't see the point in tromping off to a strange place to scurry around and come back feeling exhausted while the giant pile of laundry awaits you and it's time to go back to work. My idea of vacation is . . . getting bored, feeling like you had plenty of sleep, and zoning out of the regular demands of life for a while.

My hubby and I have done some things on the first half of our 10 days, but they were all on our timing. For some reason, that makes a difference. Between now and Monday night, we'll go to the drive in theater, check out r/c car races, cook up some tasty food, go to the park. Take it easy. Take it slow. Get rested up. Clear our minds. And after our vacation goodness is done, we'll be ready to get back to the ol' grind. But until then, I remain, very happily, right here.

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Laura said...

We plan to take a day or two off this summer to do the same thing- just stay at home and relax- maybe take a trip to the track in saratoga, but not in a rush, just take it slow. i'm excited for it.