Friday, November 30, 2012

November review and future thoughts

My sewing room has been hopping this month! I realized there was a post published almost every day. Some interesting developments have happened (the sewing room came together, the addition of Sergio Fabrico) and new things were created (toddlers hat, car seat cozy, key wristlets) this month. There's more phases in the works as well, more on that soon! I am so excited over what is going on in my mind and what is coming out of my sewing room. It still needs quite a bit of organization but it is slowly coming together.

December will prove to be very busy. It is important for there to be structure in the planning for what gets done and when it gets done. I have many deadlines to keep so sticking to a plan is essential.

January is the calm after the storm! The holiday rush is over but long, cold winter months lie ahead and we all want things to keep us stimulated. I plan to offer a Quilt-A-Long from January to April. It will be a modestly sized project; nothing too huge or intimidating. It should be fun! I have a few interested people already! I hope you will hang out at my sewing room for the project.

Those are the thoughts from my sewing room for November and for the near future. Best to you!!!

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