Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Oh, no! I ran out of fabric!

And this fabric was sitting in your stash for years. There's no WAY you will find that print again... anywhere. What do you do? Before the panic sets in, try a few things first.

Take a swatch that best shows the colors in your fabric. Truck yourself out to your favorite fabric store.
Here's a sample of my material that I ran out of. I wanted the faded purple and green effect with most of the background material an off white.

Stand back from the wall of fabric and look for the general main light hue of your swatch. Pinpoint the area that best matches the lightest tone. Look for the secondary colors next. 
Here's my choice that I thought matched best to my original colors. The light tone was just right but the colors were too vibrant. I wasn't too fond of the gold lines either.

After thinking about options like, bleaching the fabric or spot bleaching the loudest colors, I settled for a much simpler solution. I looked at the back side of the material. Bingo!

I only needed a small amount of material to make up the shortage for my project. It looks just fine with the other colors, don't you think?

What have you done when you've run out of fabric?

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