Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ringing In The New Year Mystery Project - Part 4

This is the clue we've been waiting for. We get to see our project come together! (((((Drum roll)))))

Here it is -

All of the Broken Dishes blocks have the top dark color tip on the upper left. All of the 4-patch blocks have the top dark tip going to the right. Set them next to each other 7 blocks wide and 9 blocks long. Can you see the sound wave coming out from the center of each bell? 

Stack up each row in a pile, so you know how they are to go together. Here are my 9 piles. I staggered them as I stacked them so they were easier to keep separate. Grab a pile and get ready to sew it together.

Match up each center and end (like we did before so we don't have to use pins) and attach one block to the next until you have all 7 sewn together. Make sure each dark tip is in the right location! This picture shows the 4-patch block was turned. The lights and darks should be matching each other!

Complete one row at a time and press the seams so they lay flat. After all the rows are completed, sew one row to the next one until all the rows are together, taking care to match seam points every time. Now step back and admire your completed top!

This size is great as a throw for the back of a couch, or as a car or stadium blanket, or in a crib. If you really like the pattern, continue to make more blocks and add to it until it is the size you want it to be!

I'd love to see what you have made. Go to my Facebook page and upload a picture of what you have done.

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