Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ringing In The New Year Mystery Part 3

Here it is! Clue #3....... Get out your dark and light colors again, press them up - we're going to start cutting more 3-1/2" strips!

Lay the material down on your cutting mat and trim the edge straight. Put that trimmed side off to the left and line up the 3-1/2" mark on your ruler on the trimmed side. Hold everything firm and cut along the right edge of the ruler to make nice even strips. I started out with 6 strips of each color, but I needed more.

Get a pretty good pile of them together to be ready to start the sewing.

Place the right sides together on the machine and sew your 1/4" seam. If your strips are not the same length, match up the next strip and keep sewing. Make sure your right sides are together before you keep sewing. This light strip is ready to be added to the dark strip on the machine.

Just keep adding strips to the top strip or to the bottom strip, as they run out.

After all the strips are sewn together, place them on your cutting mat and even up the left edge. Then, just like before, line up the ruler along the left edge on the 3-1/2" line. Pay attention to where the seam lines are on your strips. You may want to cut all the strips at the seam lines (as in the 3rd one down) before you do this step. This will help keep them from sneaking their way into a square that will then need to be discarded.

You need 62 of these squares. When you open them up, press them, and place them together this way, we see the beloved 4-patch!

Take the two strips and  put the center seams right next to each other so they are nice and tight so your center points will look really good. Now hold the far end with your left hand and the center with your right and slip the far end under the foot. Guide it as you sew up to the center seam and then stop. Line up the sides of the other half and hold it in place as you sew to the end. This way, you don't need to use pins! Power sew one after the other until they are all done.

You will need to have a total of 31 of these 4-patch squares, finished size 6-1/2" square. Press them open and admire your handiwork!

Please share your pictures on my Facebook page, Pamelyn's Postings so everyone else can also admire your handiwork! Since this step is easy-peasy, step #4 will be posted next Friday!

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