Friday, March 29, 2013

It IS a good Friday!

It's Good Friday. That alone makes today special. The end of Lent. The last day of the work week. A good day to eat fish! I eat it because I like it, not for religious purposes. Actually, I had a fish fry twice this week. Mmmm!

Sparkle likes fish too. And rawhide.

Apparently so many people went to get Ted's Fish Fry today, the police have to direct the traffic flow. I can understand why. Their fish is dee-lish-eee-us!!! When the fish is longer than the plate is wide, you really feel like you got a good thing going!

Oh, and they have tremendous desserts too. Trust me. Try the cheesecake!

However you approach this weekend, may the beauty and freshness of life flood your soul. Happy Easter, everyone!

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