Friday, May 24, 2013

Heavenly Ruffles

The latest project I am working on is for a baby girl's room. Remember the luscious crib bumper I made with the purple and white design?

Finally, I am back on the projects for this room!
Now I have made a gorgeous window curtain ... (doesn't it look like the skirt of a wedding dress?) It will soften the daylight from the window so delicately.

there are two of these very pretty crib crown panels which will be draped off of a holder high above the baby's bed and cascade down the sides of the crib... 

and a crib's dust... wait for it... ruffle! 
(Picture to follow)

Everything, and I mean everything is layered with ruffles! So very opposite of my last safari projects! That's why I Iove making things for other people. It's constant variety! 

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