Sunday, May 19, 2013

Saratoga Battlefield

It was our 17th anniversary and we decided to spend it at Saratoga Battlefield. This is the location that helped change the course of the Revolutionary War. This battle kept "the Redcoats" from overtaking the area by means of the Hudson River and changing the country from what the colonial people wanted it to be, a place of freedom.

We aren't history buffs but we love this preserved place. It's not overrun with amusements or vendors or distractions. The only noises you hear are chirping birds, buzzing bees, and an occasional echo of a car on the road down by the river. That's the way we like it.

Have you been there? Check out these pictures.

This is a ridge overlooking a valley that runs by the Hudson. It was an important view for spotting intruders and stopping their advancement.

The soldiers back then must have been exhausted having to set up stuff like this.

The walkways through the park are so peaceful now. 250 years ago, this was a war zone.

 Whoa! I hope this is defending your side and not the opponent's line of defense.

A major battle happened in this gorgeous meadow where many lives were lost. Now it is a stunningly beautiful scene. It's a good place to sit and think.

Almost every time we visit, we are reminded that this place is home to the wildlife.

The little red house. This home was taken over by the colonial officers to be their on-site  headquarters. It's been preserved and we can see what the colonial people called home.

Yup, we were there! Celebrating our 17th anniversary! We couldn't think of a better place to go.
This is only a small sample of the park. If you have never been there, grab a camera and make the time to go. You can walk it, bike it, car ride through it, even explore it on horseback! There are certain weekends that they do reenactments or have historians there to talk to you about the history. They have a gift shop and a picnicking area. There is a minimal fee if you do the road tour but if you want to return over and over again, the year-long entry pass is only $10 per car. That's the one we have! I hope you make trip to see this wonderful park.

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