Tuesday, September 25, 2012

2 Week (and 1 day) Challenge

What can be accomplished in two weeks? Let me restate that. What can be accomplished in two weeks in addition to going to work, cleaning, cooking, doing laundry, shopping, attending church, keeping appointments, doing volunteer work, spending meaningful time with your family, (add your tasks here)... shall I go on? I think you get my point!

I just completed the Orange Crush Mystery Quilt as presented on Quiltville. It took me two weeks and one day to navigate through choosing material to sewing up that last seam. I am really proud of this accomplishment. The instructions were understandable to my way of thinking. I didn't feel overwhelmed by the process, probably because there was only one small step to tackle at a time.

Here it is!

(Keep in mind it still needs borders, FMQ, and binding. As is, it almost fits on the top of my bed so expanding it won't be too difficult. Even still, I love it!)

What can you accomplish in two weeks? Try to discontinue doing the things that waste time and turn those precious hours into something beautiful! Will you take the two week challenge?

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