Friday, September 21, 2012

Taking a detour

Sometimes you have to stop the big project and finish up the smaller one that is waiting patiently for you. In this case, the smaller project is taking mystery project #1 (the pumpkin!) and turning it into a runner.

I'm making it pretty wide in order to have it be big enough for a table for 8 or to set on the foot of the bed or on the back of the sofa. The FMQ-ing is pretty straight forward: stitch in the ditch, lines with a curve, and curly vines. Not too hard! And because it's not too big, it's not taking too long! Yes -it's my kind of detour. After the FMQ-ing is done, one to the egde binding and it's ready for use.

The lines with a curve are to look like the indent lines on the pumpkin and to give it a more rounded appearance.
The curly vines mimic the pattern that is already on the fabric.
There is another reason I am working on this. In order to finish it. I am very motivated to get back to the Orange Crush Mystery project at I am telling myself that I need to complete the pumpkin before I can continue. It's kind of like telling the kids they have to eat their dinner before they can have dessert. Since it is almost done, I am sticking with that plan.


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