Saturday, September 22, 2012

It's the First day of Autumn - Mystery Project #2 Solved!

Most times, when I take on a project, it isn't done in a timely enough manner for use. Here's a good example. When I began making quilts, I decided to make a very warm blanket. That's great but it wasn't done until July. Not a good time to be using a warm blanket. Of course, it was utilized a few months later. It's nicer to be able to use the FOs right away, don't you agree?

Today is the first full day of autumn. This orange crush mystery project can't say "fall" any more if it tried! Here is the Orange Crush Mystery Quilt laid on the floor, right before I finished sewing it all together. I love it! And it's going to look fantastic in my bedroom! It'll be done before summer; I can use it right away!

 Isn't it tremendous? It's hard to believe the blocks put together made something that looks totally different than what they initially looked like. I'm so happy with it!
Today is my mom's birthday. She is one of my biggest quilting fans. I can't wait to show this quilt top to her. She'll be so excited to see it! Thanks for encouraging me, mom. I love ya!

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