Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mystery Project #2 - part 1

Mystery projects have captured my interests! I have begun another one that I found at The instructions say it will be a full-sized bed quilt when it's done. Exciting!

The cool thing is, when we were making our pumpkins at SSQC, I asked people to give me their scraps for my next mystery project, and they are perfect for the new project! My quilt will have orange and white in it, and other colors. The name of the project is Orange Crush Mystery. Too funny....

Here are some shots from step #1. The directions said to make 150 4-patches from 2" squares. Sew long strips, right sides together, and then cut, Cut, CUT!

Once the strips were sewn and the squares were cut, they needed to be ironed open and sewn together again to make the 4 patches. There were 300 needed. Here's my 30 piles with 10 in each pile. Sew 2 together to get the total of 150 4-patches. This went surprisingly quick! It took more effort to iron everything than to do the cutting and sewing.

I am off into doing step #2 now. Will share that soon... hopefully by this weekend! I can't wait to see what it turns into! Have you ever made a mystery project? Did you enjoy the process?

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