Monday, September 10, 2012

Mystery Project #1

A few weeks ago, I got an email from Janis, the leader of the Second Saturday Quilting Club, of which I am a member, that had instructions in it for a mystery project. WHAT's a MYSTERY project?

I've been a sewer since a teenager, but have only been a quilter since 2009 and a more dedicated quilter since 2010 when I joined SSQC. I had never heard of a mystery project. This idea intrigued me. Janis made this up for our first class of our year. She's so talented!

So I went through my stash and cut my fabric pieces for the Club meeting last weekend. Everyone got their machines set up, installed the thread and bobbins, began to get our pieces of fabric and we were instructed to sew together piece number 1 to piece number 2. Then number 3, then 4, etc. We had no idea what patterns or shades of fabric we would be getting and had no knowledge of what the final project would look like. It truly was a mystery! And it was SO much FUN!

People were trying to guess what we were making... a pot holder, a wall hanging, a placemat. Yes, those things could be made from the patch but those weren't what we were making. Someone did guess it eventually! In this project, we learned to better follow instructions, to make corner triangles with squares, and to deal with supplies that were given to us. Good stuff!

Most of the square was completed before the Club time was over. I recognized that we were making a log cabin pattern but didn't guess it. We were told to finish the block at home with the final few strips that we didn't have time to sew on. Janis showed us what it would look like when it was done.

Here's a picture of mine. I have it draped over a pillow that I set on top of a quilt rack that has a quilt on it!

I added the flourishes on the stem. They were cut and ironed on with a double sided fusing. I think I will put extensions on the sides and put in some light batting and a back and turn it into a table runner. What do you think?

There are some mystery quilt projects that are offered online. I am working on another! It's a blanket! Will blog about it next time.


Patricia W said...

Its adorable! Personally I'd make a wall hanging out of it. ( but I'm partial to wall hangings). I especially like seasonals so I can change decor easily. I don't have an autumn WH yet so thiis gives me ideas. Now if I can just find time! ( which is the ONLY reason I'm not in SSQ ).

Pamelyn said...

This would make a wonderful wall hanging! Finding time can be a challenge. Be inspired and make something!