Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pumpkin Runner - DONE!

Here it is - Mystery Project #1 is done! This very well could have been an unfinished object (UFO) for a long time. The decision make it into something, take a detour from my new project, and see it completed had to be made; it won't finish itself!
I fussed quite a bit over what color to use for the edge. After trying greens and reds and tans and solids and prints, I spotted some leftover dark brown bias tape I had from another project. Yes! It was going to look great! Hoping there was enough, I held it up along the edges and it was almost exactly the length I needed. There was only about 3 inches left after trimming! Whoa!
So I placed it on the back of the couch for now. That way it can be seen. Don't you love seeing your wonderful finished projects?
Sasha thinks it's wonderful.
Now I am rewarding the reaching of my goal by going back to the Orange Crush Mystery project! 20 more blocks and I can move on to the next step!

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