Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Double Delight Mystery - On to Part 4!

Remember these? The cutie pie little 9-patch squares! And how I had to make 120 of them? Oh wait! Did I say 120? No, that's not right. It was 130.... yes, that's how many I needed to make.

I've been spitting out strips for these squares for days. This morning, I did some cutting and put sets together for sewing, placing them on the arm of the chair so I'd be reminded that they were ready when I walked in the door. As I came home today, after work and giving music lessons and threw some dinner in the oven, I thought about my 45 squares and how I'd be rewarded to see step 4 when they were done. Twenty-five of them were cut and in piles ready to be chain-sewn together. It shouldn't take too long to cut and piece the rest.  Only 25 to sew and 20 more to square strips sets to be cut. Which reminds me...
Check out this thing. It's a cutting guide with the rows set at 1/2" intervals. This was just perfect for what I needed to do. Set the blade in the teardrop end and whoosh away! No moving your ruler and realigning to the proper width and seeing your fabric slide all over the place and having to move it back. I was able to get eight 1-1/2" strips sliced before I ran out of guide rows. I set two dark-light-dark strips and one light-dark-light strip under the guide so each time I whooshed, I had all the strips for one 9-patch block cut all together! Such a great tool!
At about 9:30 tonight, after puttering around with them for about an hour and a half, my last 9-patch square was ironed. They are DONE! Woo hoo!!! I would really like to get this top done before the next Second Saturday Quilt Club meeting in November.
On to Part 4 and here is how the blocks will be sewn together. It is called the Rolling Star. When the squares are sewn, it will look like a golden box with a star inside! I'll post a completed one next time, as I make the 30 Rolling Star blocks called for in the instructions. I can't wait to see how the blue parts of the blocks look when they are put next to each other.
The It looks rather complicated, doesn't it? But it is only 2 different block patterns. If I knew better, I would have chosen a different dark color for my 9-patches, like maybe a dark orange or rust, but the purple works. Isn't piecing amazing? What are some of your favorite quilt blocks?

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