Monday, October 15, 2012

Mystery Project #3 - Strips and Squares

I checked out part 3 of the Double Delight mystery last night, after completing the last square-in-square. I think one of the hardest things to do in an online mystery is to control yourself from peeking ahead. I would think, "I'm almost done with part two, I can click on that next link..." At those moments of weakness, I wouldn't even go near the computer. It would be too easy to blow it. Almost like opening your presents when you found them hidden in the attic and rewrapping them so your parents didn't know you found them. "Yes! I got that spoon ring I wanted!!" So carefully lining up the tape back on the slightly ripped paper. "Oh, you are slick; no one will be the wiser!" But it just isn't as magical to open them again on Christmas morning, is it? Have you ever done that? Yeah, me too.

Well, THAT was a fun rabbit trail to visit!

Cutting all my needed strips and squares for step 3 took about 45 minutes to do. Then the strips will make.... Wait for it.... Can you guess?.... That's right - 9 patches!

My quilting club leader loves the 9 patch. It's her favorite! My patches will be light scraps and purple scraps. 4 light and 5 purple in each one. When complete, they'll be 3-1/2" blocks. I don't remember how many I need to make but I'm sure it's a lot. After all, I'm making a quilt for a bed! I'll have to let you know when I'm done.

The white squares must be a prep for another part later. I have no idea what! It's a mystery! :) 

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