Monday, October 1, 2012

Mystery Project #3 - Starting Up

I have to admit that quilting has never kept my interest as much as it has lately. I so enjoy looking at patterns and projects, fussing over my material, picking out the colors that are "just right", and starting up! Now I'm starting up the "Double Delight" mystery project.
Mystery quilting is great fun. You are given the step-by-step instructions and have a gorgeous result at the end. I have to say that as I look for a new mystery, I check out the final result page first, just to make sure that I will like the darn thing when I'm done with it! I'd hate to put all that work into a pattern that I won't want on some sort of display in my house. By the time I click around a few more pages, I pretty much forgot what the pattern will look like so I figure that is ok to do. :)
Finding patterns that I feel like I can do is the next step. Quiltville is a great site with lots of patterns, mystery projects, and tips. I enjoy the writing and the picture examples. Every now and then there is a video to help further explain something. She has a Monday night Quilt Cam for live viewing and chatting. This is the site where I heard about the awesomeness of triangle rulers.
Easy Angle was a big help in making my pieces for Double Delight. Instead of needing to make squares and then cut them in half to make the triangles, you take 2.5" strips and line up the edge to the 2.5" line on the ruler and cut. Flip the ruler around and line it up and cut. Flip, cut, flip, cut. When you are cutting 3-5 layers at a time, it doesn't take very long to accumulate 120 triangles.

Wait! There are 120 pieces in each pile! If you think making a blanket top won't need much cutting, think again! LOL  My hubby said the yellow ones look like a bunch of slices of cheese. That's what I was going for, the color called for was gold/cheddar! Anyways, this was the cutting needed for the first part of the mystery. I will sew each triangle on the edge of the square to make a square in a square. I think it's going to be a fun mystery!
Would you try a mystery project? It doesn't have a time limit for finishing. If it intrigues you, try it!

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