Saturday, October 27, 2012

Early Pieced and Quilted Tablecloth

I just came across this small tablecloth that I made in the late 90's. I forgot that I even had it! It was tucked away in a box in the back of the kitchen closet and needed to be loved again. Well, today was the day I found this buried treasure.

Can you see the hand-quilted celtic star outlining the center of the block? I used white thread but my stitches are too big and don't stand out very much. What gauge would you say that is? 2 stiches to the inch? LOL
It's so funny that I only vaguely remember making this and hand quilting it. It does need more quilting for it to stay together properly. After thinking about it, I seem to recall making it after I made my first blanket that was sewn on my comforter over the color that I hated. I wanted it to use with my Christmas decor, but it would look right at home with my bedroom colors all year long.
This is an easy yet pretty pattern. It looks like something I would make again! Love finding those buried treasures and being able to appreciate them more now than I did when I made them! What is in your closet that needs some love?

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