Friday, October 5, 2012

Mystery Project #3 - P-S-I-C

One really great thing about Double Delight is my time frame. There isn't one! I can work along on the top for as quickly or as long as I want. My Orange Crush top was done in a record 15-days from start to finish. That is not the typical result for me. I usually take a long time to complete a project. Doing a mystery does cause a desire to get on to the next step so I plug along to complete it instead of set it aside.

What is PSIC? (it's a word I made up and the p is silent) It is what I have done within this step. The prep steps of the fabric went well. Now it is PSIC time. Pin - Sew - Iron - Cut and then repeat.

I found the Easy Angle ruler works so great. All the "you gotta get one" comments were right. I found mine at Joann's, on sale, and had a 20% off coupon so it was only about $6 when I was cashing out. Love it! It automatically makes a notch on one edge of the triangle.

Be careful cutting across the weave of fabric, also called "on the bias". The material gets real stretchy and can become lop-sided if you're aren't paying attention. Don't try to cut too many layers at once. Work your way up and stop when the fabric starts shifting a lot under your ruler and blade.

This notch seems like it is a mistake but it is useful for fitting pieced edges. It makes lining sides up a nice, quick task. See how the triangle points down to the center of the blue square? No ruler needed!

Ironing, or pressing, is a daunting task when the squares are small. Keep distance from those finger tips! It needs to be done, though. The facial you can get from the steam is a bonus! Run a washcloth and some lotion over your face when the iron goes off. Haha!


Clipping "dog ears" makes the pieces look so much more neat and helps with lining up the remaining sides. Then you are ready to pin - sew - iron - clip all over again! PSIC!!!!

In efforts of doing things faster, I found pinning the pieces to be helpful and it is a step to not skip. Sewing along a stretchy edge of material (bias edge) can be tricky and that pin just helps hold things a little bit straighter for you.
Step one is getting there. I still have some more trimming to do to make the squares a fabulous 3.5". By the next time I write, I will be on to step 2... and these 120 squares-in-squares will be ready and waiting for their place in the quilt! I wonder what step that will be in...


Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

I love blue & yellow quilts... can't wait to see what comes next!

linda gcrafts said...

Love your approach so organised and can't wait to see it x

Pamelyn said...

Thanks ladies, I appreciate the encouragement!

claudia said...

I really like your squares. And you make it so organized. Great color!!!