Thursday, September 11, 2008

Chilly night

As I opened the side door last night to let Sparkie out to "do his business" for the last time before bedtime, I was very surprised to feel how much chill was in the air. I know that it is September, and that the first day of autumn is coming quick, and that the darkness of night is upon us before 8:00 p.m., but it still took me by surprise.

We have been debating as to whether or not the air conditioners should be put away yet. I think the probability of a hot and humid streak is pretty much over, but my better half is thinking there is a chance we might need them one more time. With a window unit in the bedroom, that chilly air was able to creep in and reminded us of the nip in the night.

Nights like that make me want to bake muffins or buy apple cider. It reminds me that the leaves will be showing off their wonderful colors of fall, but afterwards they WILL fall . . . all over my yard! It gets me thinking about how I am going to dress Sparkie up for Halloween this year. It gets me to bring out my favorite sweaters and toasty warm clothes.

No matter how much it doesn't seem like summer should be over, or that we will be changing our clocks back in less than two months, or that we will be seeing Christmas stuff in the stores soon, time marches on. It's time to face it - summer's over. There will be many more chilly nights to come.

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