Monday, September 15, 2008

One year ago

One year ago, my hubby and I were just starting out with the worship group at our church. I will never forget how tremendously nervous we were. As a matter of fact, we could hardly sleep at night waiting for what was to come.

Our first "gig" was in our home location in Clifton Park. Kevin led, and we were just kinda frozen up there, deer-in-the-headlights, on stage doing our thing. After way too many years of not playing for services, it was a little bit scary to dive back in again.

What a difference from then to now! We have met tremendous people and have had the opportunity to play in front of hundreds for each service. Our set lists have covered everything from the old hymns of the faith to heavy metal. Who would have ever guessed?

None of this would matter at all if it weren't for the higher purpose. We have also been a witness to hundreds of people choosing Christ and getting baptized. We were there when a new location opened bring the campuses from two to three, and when the original campus closed (awaiting constuction) bringing the campuses back down to two. We have been able to serve the lost and encourage the found.

We just want more of God, more fellowship with the believers, more souls saved. The awesome thing is: there is more of God to have, and more friendships to develop, and certainly more seed to be sown and more harvest to reap. God is just so good... all the time!

What was happening in your life a year ago?

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