Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Memorization -pt 2

I was thinking about this a little more. There's alot of methods to help with memorization. Here's a few:
* You can write it down and look at it over and over. I've tried that.
* Read it and then close your eyes and say it, then look again, and say it.
* There is the association method to assist rememberance.
* In order to not flunk out of physics class, I even tried tape recording the stuff and playing the recording while I slept to sink it in subconsciously. This method does not work. I dropped physics in the first semester after getting a 32% on a test!

Nothing is a perfect formula, in my opinion.

I don't know if memorization is as simple as some may say it can be. There must be more to it. How do you memorize something?

Oh, my verse that popped today is "A house is built on wisdom, and is established on understanding". Prov. 24:3

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