Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Five years ago

In 2003, there were some memorable events in our lives. Here they are.....
I was working for one year at my current job, and learning alot being in a law office.
On April 1st, we purchased our house! Yes, it was April fools day and I hoped that meant that it was a joke that we had to pay our mortgage, but the bank didn't see the humor in that idea.
Vince and I had our 7th anniversary a month later.
It was also the year that we got Mouse.

Get a load of those wiskers! She has the longest, whitest wiskers I have ever seen on a kitty. Give her some attention and she'll be your best friend for life.
What did 2003 hold for you?

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Laura said...

Well- In 2003 I went from a freshman at Word of Life Bible Institute, to a counselor at the Ranch that summer, and then moved right away to South Carolina for school down there. It was a big year of transitions for me too! Thanks for initiating the was nice to reminisce.