Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Room On The Wild Side

One of the projects I've been asked to work on is making custom pieces for a baby's room. You may remember my last custom crib bumper project, but that is for another baby! The set I'm working on is safari themed! Check this out-

Here are some of the background fabrics I have to work with. Zebra! Giraffe! Lion! 
And yes, that dark brown is lucious "minky" material!

This will be the crib blanket. (The left side border is not going to stay that wide.)
How great is that? And we're talking snuggly warm!

Here is what I envision for the crib bumper.
The animal panels will be placed along the long zebra print fabric and stuffed to be tall and flat.

And this trio will be formed into my Car Seat Cozy to keep the little one warm and wild on the go!
This is going to be a fantastic baby's room! A little bit of wild is ok with me! Would you like any custom made pieces for you or your little one? Let me know and we can figure out something great!


Sarah said...

Those crib bumpers will be very cute with the jungle theme! How often have you worked with the Minky fabric? I've been tempted to use it, but it always seemed like it would be a pain because of being stretchy.

Ivory Spring said...

I like the giraffe fabric. Thanks for entering my giveaway. Good luck!

Pamelyn B said...

Sarah, the minky is going on a long arm so the stretch won't be an issue. But I have heard it is not as much of a pain as one might think, according to others who have quilted with it. Give it a try!