Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Cleaning Contest

Give me your knotted, your dull, your linty machines needing to be cleaned...

That's right! It's clean-your-machine contest! Get out the camera, defuzz your bobbin housing, take pictures, and share! I want to see the goo that came our of YOUR machine.

The person to have the biggest dust bunny removed from their machine will get a prize! (don't fudge your photos!) The contest will be open until April 14th. Good luck!

I'll go first!

And that was after it was squished up from the brush and my fingers getting it off the brush.
Share if you dare! This is a great reason to clean and oil your machine. If you aren't sure what to do, check out my post about it... and check out your manual. You don't want to let your machine begin to look like this...
Linking up is easy and fun. Just follow the instructions as they come up. If you have a blog or a Flickr account, you are already set to link up. If you don't have either of those resources, you can go to my Facebook page and upload your photo there! (Bloggers, write your post and please use the direct post address, not your blog's home page.)
If you think this is fun, please share my post so others can play along! May the one who cleans the most win!

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