Saturday, April 13, 2013

Dresses 4 Missions Event

My biggest fan (my mom) has her own agenda in the sewing world! She absolutely loves making dresses to give to missionaries in impoverished countries that are handed out to the local girls. These dresses are simple but so pretty, and she is teaching others how to make them.

Today, at her church, approximately 30 ladies gathered together to work on the dresses. Everyone had a job: fabric cutters, ironers, runners, sewers, organizers, a photographer. The process was explained and the ladies really embraced their jobs, especially after seeing finished results come quickly! There was talk of gatherings to work on the dresses a couple times a year. Isn't that wonderful?!!!

When you have a talent, it is imperative that you use that talent and offer it to others. The caring ladies who came to this event had a really good reason to pull out their machines, load their irons and ironing boards, pack up their scissors and rulers, and spend a good part of the day to make things happen. Last count was a total of 42 finished dresses! And there were many more that were partially done, all being taken by sewers to be completed at home.

Thanks for spreading the vision, mom! Great job embracing the vision, everyone! The needy kids who get your gifts of love will use them everyday until they are in tatters, but your act of love will remain in their heart.

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