Monday, April 1, 2013

Custom Crib Bumper

I was asked to make a sweet ruffled crib bumper for someone who is good friends with my niece (small world). Neither of us realized it until we got chatting about who we knew in common. So funny!

Anyways, she is an artistic type and knew exactly what she wanted the bumper to look like. That made my job easy! She even gave me all the fabric and the round bumper padding. All I had to do was give her the materials list, make the pattern, and sew it together.

I had no pattern to follow. Basically, I made a tube with the light fabric and added the ruffle along the top seam. There was a panel that was placed on one side of the bumper and some ribbon ties were attached on the ends. Here's the progression of the job!

The fabric is stunning!

Sewing on the ruffle.

Adding a complimentary panel with more gorgeous fabric.

All stuffed!

The inside of the crib is going to look so pretty!
Want to customize your baby's room? Let me know; I can help you!

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