Saturday, April 13, 2013

FMQ Practice - Morphing

Learning, and practicing, Free Motion Quilting (FMQ) has been one of the most satisfying crafts I have undertaken. We are not limited to straight line sewing! Seeing the thread go onto the fabric in the way you want it to go is a wonderful creative outlet!

You also get to know your sewing machine a whole lot better. Join in on my Spring Cleaning Contest that I have going on until the end of the month. Show me your goo!

For FMQ ideas and inspiration, I keep tabs at the Free Motion Quilting Project and check out the videos regularly. It's fun to share and see the progress with other quilters.

Here are some things I have experimented with on my FMQ practice panel. I thought it would be fun to morph from one design to another. I didn't stress over it or plan it out first, just picked different designs as I went along.

Here's a trapped flower design.

Then moved into the revealed flower.

I moved into leaves, hearts, and finally a chicken wire looking design.

The back of the piece - it is easier to see it all set around Leah's giant flower design!
I find this interesting to look at. The movement is fun! With better planning, the morphing can be made more subtle from one design to the next. This was a fun experiment. Thanks for looking at it!
I really hope you enter my contest! It's never too soon to do some cleaning! Your machine will appreciate it and reward you for it.

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Sara Glascock said...

nice! Keep creating!