Saturday, April 6, 2013

On the go!

Recently, I added some remnants to my stash and had so many possibilities of things that could be made with it! Seeing all of the fabric into a big pile just puts a smile on my face.

There is a craft fair coming up at the Schaghticoke Fairgrounds on May 4th and 5th. I adore this fair. I grew up going to and competing at this fair. I had received many ribbons from this fair. How could I stay away? That's right! ThistleFire will be there! OK, time to make the list of what to bring. Let's see, a bunch of my Car Seat Cozies, of course... a couple of quilts... some scarves... scented pot holders would be nice...

Awesome! I had to get out my patterns!

Patterns are another thing that quilting and sewing types love to have around. Isn't that the truth? After flipping through my pile of patterns, there was an obvious choice of one thing to make. It's called the Mini Wallet, and it is free to make for resale! Thank you Novita Estiti! These will be in my booth!

First things first, choose the colors to use in the wallets. This takes time but look great when they are sporting three or four different fabrics in one piece. Cut, cut, cut!

Then, you have to fold the fabric into pockets so the goodies that go inside have a way to stay put.
Press, press, press!

The tutorial listed a number of ways to keep the wallet closed. You could put an elastic that goes over a button, or put on ribbons to make it tie shut, or install a snap. I chose the iron-on, super-bonding Velcro strips. Once the glue on these babies get hot, they melt into the fabric and won't come off. That's what this wallet needs!

The pile of wallets kept growing! They were so fun to make. I worked on them assembly line style, setting up one after another until my sewing stack looked like this! The top edge needs to be sewn and turned right-side out so it has a finished edge. The side edges get covered in binding to make them look nice and neat and keeps them sturdy.

Me being me, I had to ramp up the usefulness of this patter so I added a grommet in the corner and put on a key ring, a clip, and the ever useful ribbon strap. All quite useful for when you are on the go! Then I stitched on a ribbon flower that I had made a long time ago, just because I like to see it on there rather than sitting in a box in my sewing room being forgotten. It's so pretty!

And here is the inside. The decorative stitches make the pockets stand out. They are ready for your  license, charge cards, business cards, some cold, hard cash. Velcro it shut and be off and running! I dub ye the "on the go wallet".......
If you want one of these, I have about twenty of them that will be going with me to the craft show in May. I'll be pricing them at $13.00. Let me know ahead of time so you can have first choice of color!
Whatever is left over will go in my Etsy shop, ThistleFire
Maybe you could even wander out to the Schaghticoke Fairgrounds and do some spring shopping at the Craft Fair. It runs from 9am - 3pm both days that first weekend in May. Spring is coming! Grab an "on the go wallet" and get out to enjoy it!!

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