Sunday, January 25, 2015

Dancing Butterflies Quilt - Main Block 1 of 12

In this project, there are three blocks in each set. A set of two smaller ones paired up with one large one that has the dancing butterfly on it.

Here is the first butterfly block.

And the back of it.

The pattern called for Ocean Waves to be stitched in the wings and border. When I started, I naturally gravitated towards Paisley in the wings. After one was nearly done, I realized that I did the stitching opposite of what the pattern called for but was quite happy with the way it turned out.
Stitching in the wings is slow going since there is fusible web in there. I could only sew backwards for one or two stitches before the thread began to shred. Once I adjusted for that, it went well.

In the words of Bob Ross, this block wound up being a "happy accident." The bobbin side reveals brown thread for the butterfly. That was on purpose!

Ocean Waves is a beautiful design that wound up mimicking the currents of the wind.

The bobbin has a soft white thread so it separates the butterfly from the sky.

I pondered over what color to use for the blue border. This purpley-pink seemed to fit the bill quite nicely. How can you not love the Paisley design?

In the bobbin, I chose a purpley-blue for this section. It's interesting to see various colors of thread on the back.

The next thing to do is to connect all three blocks together to make one complete unit. Look for the next post about what fabric I chose to join these blocks.


Leah Day said...

Just gorgeous! I love how you switched the designs and you're right - they work just as well the opposite way. Great job!

Bente-I like to QuiltBlog said...

Beautiful work!

Nulagh said...

Stunning! in awe of your beautiful work