Thursday, January 29, 2015

Dancing Butterfly - Binding Colors

In attempting to make the back of this quilt interesting to look at. So my color and thread choices were carefully considered. 

For the front sashing, I chose a dark cranberry fabric and thread. A light purple was selected for the back. They were cut, starched, and pressed.

Let me stop here to interject a plug for this pattern. If you've never done quilt-as-you-go, you should! I really like the process. Leah Day's pattern for this quilt (and for the Building Blocks quilt) shows every step in detail. Go to her store at and get the pattern! You'll definitely learn good stuff from it!

So, back to the post! :-D

One strip gets pressed flat and the other gets folded in half. 

Then you do a bunch of passes on the machine to set them in place. 

Here's what I had when I was done. Sashed blocks, all FMQ'd and backed. The cranberry strips on front....

And the purple on the back!

Well, I love how it's coming along. What are you working on this winter?

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Anonymous said...

When a design can take the narrow sashing, it ends up great. It is lovely to quilt those small pieces. I found I got really bored doing the attaching and sashing though. Yours is looking good.