Sunday, January 11, 2015

Dazzle Burst Bonus - Chain Sewing and Pressing

As we start making our half-square triangles, I thought it might be helpful to show how I stitch and press these blocks. 

When you are making seam after seam, you can chain stitch them to save thread and time. Sew one set of half-square triangles, then right after they are done, place the next set in front of the needle and sew it. 

You can do this over and over, as long as you want to sew. The sewn sets will make a pile behind your machine. 

To press these blocks, the first thing to do is iron the stitches before you open the block up. This is called "setting the stitch". 

We want to press towards the dark fabric. Place the dark triangles on top. You can clip the thread inbetween the sets now or after they're pressed open.

Fold the dark fabric open so you can get the iron between the colors and gently press from the light fabric towards the dark fabric. 

There's our half-square triangle!

And here's the back showing the seams laying towards the dark fabric. 

That's what to do and how all of your 84 blocks should look!  
You can find the clues for the Dazzle a Burst Mystery under the Mystery Projects tab at the top of this page. Try it!

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