Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Dazzle Burst - Clue 3

Here we are with the next piece of the mystery puzzle! How are you doing? Are you keeping up? If you are, that's great! If not, just keep plugging along at your own pace; the clues will be here for you! Everyone can pat themselves on the back for their progress so far, and grab your tools for this clue!

Today, you need to use the lighter shades of the cold and warm color. 
Here's mine-

But what are we making? 

Remember in a Clue 1 where we cut 168 2-1/2" squares and in Clue 2 we got real good at making half-square triangles? This clue is combing both these steps! We're going to make 168 2-1/2" half-square triangles! 

Start by cutting 2-1/2" strips if you're using the EZ Angle tool. 

Place right sides together and cut the long edge. 

Flip it around and cut the other side. Keep flipping and cutting until you have 168 sets. 

Stitch up the long edge. You can chain piece all of them at once. See the "bonus post" I put up for more input on that. 

Press the block open so the seams are under the darker color. In mine, it was towards the blue. 

When you have 168 2-1/2" half-square triangle blocks and can call this clue done! 

Mine needs a little trimming. Only 167 to go!

If you are not using the EZ Angle tool (check out Clue 2 for the visuals)
1) cut your strips 2-7/8" and cut again so you have 2-7/8" squares.
2) draw your line down the center from point to point. 
3) draw sew lines 1/4" around the center line.
4) sew on the sew lines. 
5) cut the line inbetween the sewn lines. 
6) press the seams towards the darker color
7) make 168!

Have fun making these blocks! Share your progress by leaving a comment here or on my Facebook page. 

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