Friday, January 23, 2015

Dancing Butterflies Quilt - Set 1 of 12

This quilt needed a lot of prep work and thoughtful consideration of layout and thread color choice. Here is the first set of blocks that I worked on. 

The pattern on this fabric is so gorgeous, I didn't want the thread color to distract from it so I kept it a similar shade to the sky. The FMQ pattern is Paisley.

Since the back was plain, I wanted tis thread to show up more so the bobbin had a light shade in it.

The next block pattern is called Ocean Waves. I enjoy the movement in this design. And the light thread, which was the same used in the other block, shows up nicely on this dusty rose color. 

The back of this block has a pretty pattern on it that can still be seen among the stitches. 

If you want to give this pattern a try, you can purchase it at and make one for yourself!

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cherylann9 said...

Looking good Pamelyn. Haven't started mine yet. Hopefully in a few days. :)