Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Crush #2 - The Sewing Begins!

The beginning of sewing the 4-patches has begun! Right now they are in strips but it won't be long before all 150 of them are done.


My stash of scraps doesn't seem to be getting any smaller. Actually, it is getting more unruly in the aftermath of the completed projects I've made these past few months! I think I need a better way of storing scraps. I know there are many tips on this on my favorite blogs and websites. Quiltville and Free Motion Quilting have recently posted about their sewing spaces. I do kinda like the controlled mess I got going but it can be better!

While I was cutting the 4 patch fabric, I got cutting out the next batch of fabric as well. These are the pieces for the split square half triangles, or some wild name like that. These triangles are so quick to cut with the help of the Easy Angle ruler and the 2-inch squares are a breeze when you stack and slice!


The puppies hang out with me in my sewing room. Sparkie sticks by me most; Sasha is more independent. They typically make themselves comfy in a space under the table. I will have to make a bed them. That would be nice... Yes, a Doggie Duvet! Where's my sketch pad?!!!

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