Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hemming Pants

These pants are loo long....... ok, I can fix that!

The first slice you take off the bottom of a pant leg, you kinda die inside a little. Would you agree with that? Now they are different lengths. One leg is finished and one is cut shorter. Then the second slice isn't much easier but there's no turning back.

Making a good looking, invisible hem is not too difficult to do when you have the right tools. The blind hemming foot for the sewing machine is where it's at. Pick the setting to do the hem stitch. It looks like this:
Years ago, I had a machine that had straight and zig zag as my stitch choices. The book actually said you can do the hem stitch by slowly stitching 4 or 5 straight stitches, then switch the setting to zig zag, then switch to straight for 4 to 5 stitches, until your hem is complete. Really? I tried it once and hemmed stuff by hand after that. My computerized setting is so much better!
The finished hem on the outside of the pant leg looks like this. Can you see the hem stitches?
I serged the bottom of the fabric to keep it from fraying on the inside.
After it is all done, it is worth the effort of rehemming a nice pair of dress pants. I don't know how many successes it will take before you don't feel like you're gonna die inside after you make that first slice. I guess I'll have to keep slicing to see.

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