Thursday, November 15, 2012

Interesting Twists

For years I have been my husband's personal garment tailor. He seems to have the inbetween sized body that wants an odd sized waistband or inseam. Or he wanted a pair of fleece pants before they were in the stores or a jacket that had a certain look to it. I would always say, "I can make that for you" and the sewing machine would come out.

I cannot say I am an expert seamstress. I am not. But I have learned my way around the world of tailoring, alterations, and basic garment making. His hems have been shortened, his jeans have been made more straight (the relaxed fit doesn't fit him), his waistbands have been adjusted. I've made him fleece hats, fleece pants, fleece jackets. I've even made him a lined jacket with red and white stripes with a blue section that had stars on it.

He hasn't been the sole recipient of my work. I've made plenty of things for myself as well. Shirts, skirts, pants, costumes. Took up my own hems. Took in waistbands. And let them back out again.

It's all "sew" interesting (yes, pun intended) the twist of my range of interests. When I think of the usefulness of tailoring and how our garments are not custom made and yet we put up with wearing things that simply do not fit well. I am happy to say, "I can make that for you!"

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