Monday, November 26, 2012

New! The Car Seat Cozy

Developed in my sewing room for you and your kids!
I was talking to a few people about this idea that I had. I asked some moms about the practicality of a blanket that can be used to cover a child while in a car seat. The responses I was getting were favorable so I began to develop it and here it is!
Don't you love this color scheme that is so bright and fun? Who says winter has to be dull? The back is lined with warm flannel in a toasty, chocolate brown and is soft enough for the most tender face. It's so cozy, I want one for myself! The unique part is there is an opening in the center (along the orange pieces) so the car seat buckle can be snapped in to keep your little one secure and to keep the cozy in place. No more kicking the blanket off with wiggly feet.
Speaking of feet - I made the top binding nice and wide. You can always tell which side goes by the face.
Nothing worse than putting the stinky-feet end of a blanket by your nose.
So there it is! Let me know if you want one. This size (32"high x 29"wide) is $29. Other color schemes can be done upon request, but not every scheme can be made forever. I only have so much fabric! Tell me your favorite combination and I'll make it happen. Can be made taller, for older kids, for an additional cost. 

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