Saturday, November 10, 2012

My Sewing Room

After having my sewing things spread throughout the house, we decided it was time to dedicate a room to set up and do my work. It's been a work in progress. Having a space that is all for sewing and quilting is amazing. I can make messes and not worry about them. I can have enough room to do what I need to do. The tabletop machine has a claim on the work table. There is still enough room to cut or iron or sort through scraps.
The long arm is ready to go whenever I need it.
When I'm done, I close the doors. Even with them shut, the room looks inviting. I am inspired when I walk in there. I love my sewing room!
What is your sewing room like? Does it inspire you? Take some pictures and blog about it. Then share it with us!

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liz said...

Oh so neat! Puts me to shame!