Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Day Out - Shaker Village

It's been a hot summer. Pretty much too hot to be outside for very long with the humidity the way it's been since mid June. Today was different. It was cooler. It was overcast. And it wasn't raining! A good day to get out.

What to do..... hmmmm. How about the Shaker Village Craft Show? YES! Have you been to any of their craft shows? Or to their property in Colonie?

The popularity of Shaker communities in the mid 1700's and through to the early 20th century is an interesting part of history. These people were deeply religious, looked to men and women for leadership, accepted members into their mini-towns, worked the land, and had amazing craftsmanship in everything they made. Their craft shows include top notch vendors only!

Over by the airport, the remnants of the "Ann Lee" community is preserved as a historical site.

When you are in the small remains of the village, you are instantly reminded of the PA Dutch and the Amish landscaping. I guess they were all pretty similar, having a different belief or two. I love the beautiful barns and the streamlined, white-washed fencing.

Some of the buildings are obviously unused. But they still stand strong and proud. You can see a few of the crafters' tents that are set up behind this spot.

We stumbled across a trail at the Ann Lee pond. I wonder how many kisses were snatched on that bridge!

Yes, we were there. A great day to get out. A great place to visit! 

The craft show was just wonderful. I couldn't resist a piece of homemade peach pie. We saw woodworkers, basket weavers, purse makers, jewelry crafters. There was a jam maker, a gardener selling plants, a woman who takes bamboo and makes flutes and canes and walking sticks out of it, a man who makes wooden pens. All amazing workmanship. Loads of creativity. It was a fun time!

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