Sunday, July 21, 2013

Piecing BK Flowers

Taking on a project casually is so rewarding. You can do a little today, a lot tomorrow, and maybe nothing for a week or two, but you still get the joy of the process.

Here's where I am with my BK (blue kaleidoscope) Flowers quilt. 

You'll have to excuse my dog. He's usually very aware of being in pictures but we had him out for a long walk today and he's tired! Oh, and the other stuff in the room is the result of the hubs trying out some new strings. Our living room has many purposes. Yup, it's our way!

Back to BK Flowers. I don't, but I could piece all day. It's so fun to do and amazing to see those "perfect points" reveal themselves like magic! And now that I'm ending the lines with scrap sewing, the process is double fun!

Check these out-

I wound up with five 4-1/2" blocks from my little scrappy experiments. Which one do you like best? There are lots of salvageable strips and triangles left. This isn't over yet!

A few weeks ago, I realized my favorite cone of long arm thread was beginning to look lean.

It has plenty of bobbin fills left in it but I still wanted a fresh one in the wings. No stores I go to sells it so I made my order on Superior Threads web shop. Hope it comes in this week! That would be fabulous. We don't want the long arm to be without! I got stuff to quilt!

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